EDTC 631: Brains


  • Course: Earth Science
  • Target Audience:8th grade students
  • Essential Questions:
    • What is the difference between weather and climate?
    • What processes move water around the planet?

Final – WebQuest

  • Course:Earth Science
  • Target Audience: 8th grade students
  • Essential Questions:
    • How are the time periods of Earth’s long history established?
    • What are some of the major events that have taken place during time periods?
    • How has the Earth changed life, and how has life changed the Earth?
    • What is the evidence that the geologic time scale is based upon?
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EDTC 633: Tools for Data


  • Course:Earth Science
  • Target Audience:8th Grade
  • Essential Questions:
    • How is Earth’s atmosphere divided into layers?
    • How does the temperature change with a change in altitude?
    • How does the air pressure and density change with a change in altitude?
    • What are the unique features of each layer of the atmosphere
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  • Course:Iceland 8th Grade Trip
  • Target Audience:8th Grade
  • Essential Questions:

EDTC 635: Tools for Visualizing Information

  • Course:
  • Target Audience:
  • Essential Questions:

EDTC 710: Tools for the Development of Instruction

  • Course:Physical Science
  • Target Audience:8th Grade
  • Essential Questions:
    • How do the particles in a substance change arrangement as the temperature changes?
    • How does the temperature change as a substance changes phase?
    • What does temperature measure?
    • How does the type of substance, and/or mass of a substance related to the amount of energy transferred as well as the average kinetic energy of that substance.
    • How are kinetic energy and thermal energy related?
    • How are density, thermal energy, and kinetic energy related?
    • How does the makeup of a material affect how thermal energy can be transferred to other substances?

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Elective One

EDTC 613 Digital Image Acquisition

Mini Project 1

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Elective Two

Elective Three

Elective Four